Panama Papers Going Public Soon.

A breaking news report says the task force made up of investigative journalists who are currently examining millions of Panama Papers documents will be releasing the information for the general public.

The searchable database of a total 11.5 million leaked files from Panama law firm, Mossack Fonseca will be surfacing online within a few days this May.

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Gwen Stefani, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber Honored @ The Radio Disney Music Awards.

At the Radio Disney Music Awards, some of the biggest stars in pop were honored for their work. Remarkably, Gwen Stefani was hailed a “hero”.

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FIFA World Cup Final 2022: Worker Dies in Qatar.

Fifa World Cup organizers say a worker has died after falling ill on the site of one of the stadiums being constructed for the 2022 tournament in Qatar.

The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy said Saturday that 48-year-old Indian national Jaleshwar Prasad died after he “fell ill on-site around 9.30 a.m. on Wednesday.”

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Prince’s Rumored Girlfriend, Delilah Hurts.

The late music icon, Prince had a friend Charlene Friend who had a long lasting feud with the legend even after death.

No one ever made mention of the girl in his life after Charlene but now rumors have it that she’s called Delilah – not the one from the bible and it must be stated here that she had no hands in his death.

Prince's girlfriend Delilah

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ISIL Retreating from Raqqa to Aleppo.

A group monitoring the Syrian war has confirmed that ISIL has dispatched tens of its terrorists to the town of Dabeq. The location is said to be of strategic importance to the terrorist group.

Syria: ISIL Relocating Hundreds of Troops from Raqqa to Aleppo

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TWITTER Now Officially A News App.

Twitter, in what seemed like it was suffering from midlife identity crisis, has stopped calling itself a social network. Henceforth, it will refer to itself as a news app.

Generic Twitter image

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‘Russian Rambo’ Laid To Rest.

Alexander Prokhorenko was a hero and will be long remembered among legends who fought in the battlefield to bring peace to the world.

He has been named a ‘Russian Rambo’ for his heroic acts as he soldiered on to free the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra.

Unfortunately, Alexander the Rambo found himself surrounded by Islamic militants. He feared that he would be captured, tortured, killed and his body mutilated as is done to POW – according to the terrorists code of engagement.

Smoke rises near a gas station as a result of fighting between Syrian government forces and ISIS militants on March 27.

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Louis Van Gaal: Manchester United Will Delay Leicester’s Party.

The pressure is building up as the two teams get set for a match that’s, for many Leicester fans, a do-or-die affair.

Louis van Gaal said that a Leicester City title win in today’s game will be very “good for the Premier League”, but he claimed that circumstances have been in their favour.

In what would be a shameful outing for the Red Devils if they let the Foxes win, it is strongly believed that Man U will not let the historical party begin today at Old Trafford.

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Careers: A Professor’s CV of Failures.

People who chose to go against the status quo because they believe in self exploration never get disappointed in the long run if they persevere. A professor at Princeton University looking for a new job knew this very well, he then made a choice you won’t believe.

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Man Obsessed With A Lady Told Her, ‘I’ll Always Find You.’

A California man of Indian origin who had stalked a woman for nearly a decade, threatening her as she moved from India to several cities in the United States, was sentenced Thursday in McKinney to 17 years in prison.

Jitender Singh

The woman was reportedly Singh’s class fellow whom she stalked from India to US. They both met in college years back in Delhi, India.

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AC Milan’s Legend, Paulo Maldini Loves Athletic Bilbao.

Former Italian and AC Milan legend, Paolo Maldini has spoken of his ‘admiration’ for Athletic Bilbao after receiving the One Club Man award from the Basques.

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Beijing’s Gay Forest Exposed.

LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trangender) practices or those who engage in them has been threatened with hate and even death in most societies.

镜头实录:冒险偷拍同性恋聚集地!(组图) - 原生泰 - 原生泰:镜头记录真实社会

Today, civil rights groups are fighting for equality, understanding and acceptance into the society for all those affected. China isn’t left out in the sudden social change.

Homosexuality has fast become a complex social phenomenon in most parts of this country. It is a culture that has been widely accepted by many as is seen in weddings and public display of affections.

The Dadu Ruins Park in Beijing has served as ‘gay forest’ to many who feel it’s better practiced in secret. Gays use this park as a meeting place for their sex practices as well as meetings.

X-rated pictures: (Open only if you wish to see).

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Man Who Understands Bird’s Language.

21 chickens of a villager named Cui on Xuliu Town of Huaiyin District all went missing during the night. Cui said she did not even hear a thing.

Man claims he understands chicken's language, stole chickens for 20 years

After the police started investigating, more chickens were found to have been stolen in Xuliu. A man named Jiang who had been in prison for stealing chicken was considered the prime suspect.

The police department of Huaian City, eastern China’s Jiangsu province, arrested the 52-year-old thief who has been stealing chickens for 20 years. This was the ninth time he went to jail for stealing chickens.

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