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A Dog In Germany Helps Owner Clean Up Thrash At A Park.

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Most pet dogs are known to be protective and loyal, except for service dogs who render more specialized services to other animals, including humans. But this particular dog fits into both categories.

The famous dog helps his owner carry out cleaning services at a park in Germany. And guess what, he does it with passion.

A stunned park visitor in Germany captured video of a civic-minded dog doing his part by putting trash into the proper receptacle.

A video uploaded to YouTube by user Sascha Gilly Israel shows the conservation-promoting canine walking with garbage in its mouth toward a trash can in a Ludwigsburg park.

The canine reaches its snout under the trash can’s cover to throw away its mouthful of refuse.

“This dog is my hero. I saw him walking towards the trashcan with trash in his snout and started recording immediately,” the uploader wrote.

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